Lovely Bedroom Design by Eduardo Arruga

Having a lovely bedroom that looks like in a palace is a dream for every woman. A Barcelona great designer, Eduardo Arruga, creates it one for you. He designs a very beautiful bedroom that gives a vintage and calm feel. Every detail inside it is thought carefully to create a dreamlike bedroom with a stunning combination of white, beige, and turquoise.

After you come into the room, you will see the comfortable bed first. The bed is simple, but with its colorful pillows and blue bed cover, the bed looks delightful and warm. The half wall behind the bed gives a unique touch to create a panel separating the bedroom and walk-in closet. At the opposite part of the bed, you can see a clean-cut fireplace with antique desk next to it that blend well with the theme. A couple of elegant white armchairs with glass round table complete the picturesque atmosphere.

As you can see it in the picture, the five arched windows that can be opened like French door gives a bright light during the day. Moreover, so you can enjoy the weather in the morning or the stars in the night as you walk to the terrace. The high beamed ceiling helps the sunlight enters the room and it creates more spacious sense, so you feel relaxed once you go to the bedroom. The addition of some bouquets of pink and white flowers is ready to welcome you every day. Eduardo Arruga also designs other bedroom with various themes. If you curious about the elegant bedroom designs, you can see the following pictures.


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