Smart Tips of Decorating Bedroom with Bedroom Rug Ideas

Rug gives the warmth and comfort to walk. So does a bedroom rug that makes you feel comfortable and warm when you step your feet over it. A bedroom rug also adds texture, color, and personal look to your bedroom. It must be great idea to decor the bedroom floor with a lot of bedroom rug selections. Well, for the beginners, here we are going to share about some smart tips of decorating bedroom floor with stylish bedroom rug ideas.

First, measure up and make a map of your bedroom. It is important for you to know your bedroom’s length and width. Bedroom measurement becomes a crucial thing to determine the space available for your bedroom rug. Without measuring it precisely, you may do the mistake when the rug is applied for. If the floors are too chilly, you may want larger rug to cover your bedroom floors from the bed to the closet or from the bed to your bedroom. Another alternative is to cover the floors around the closet with the second rug (exactly in the front of your closet).

Second, mix and match the colors. Bedroom rug ideas vary in colors. A lot of color options help you in decorating your bedroom. Each color and particular color combinations create different look for the room. If you want to create a new color scheme in your bedroom, be sure that you have chosen matching bedroom rug with other bedroom features, such as bedding, pillow covers, headboard, and even your settee colors. These colors must create harmonious effect.

Match your personal taste is the third smart tips you may adopt when you’re decorating your bedroom. We have informed previously that area rugs or any kinds of rugs vary in colors, patterns or motifs, sizes, and materials. Specifically, rug colors and patterns have really affected the appearance of a room. A traditional bedroom design, for instance, solid tone colors or classic motifs enhances this space. Different to solid-colored rug, an oriental rug matches any bedroom styles. Bright and large patterned rugs reflect the energetic for a bedroom, while bold-prints (such as checks, stripes, or polka dots) surely will work for the up-beat mood. How about the room decor with multiple motifs or colors? Solid bedroom rug ideas suit this room decorating idea because it creates visual relief.


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