The Best Choice of Ceiling Fan for Modern and Classic House

Some rich people may prefer air conditioner to freshen their rooms, but some of others prefer ceiling fan for freshening their rooms. Both of air conditioner and fan have function to control the room temperature. However, fan is simpler and cheaper than air conditioner, and also ceiling fan can be decorating such a room. Therefore, the writer will share about some best choice of ceiling fan for home decoration.

Let us go to the first sample from the pictures showed. There is a nice ceiling fan which has stainless steel design. This ceiling fan looks so adorable and modern. The material used seems very luxurious. This ceiling fan has five blades. This is perfect for decorating your living room anyway. Let us compare with the other concept which has nice wooden design. This ceiling fan is made of plastic with wooden coloring concept. It also has five blades and this is suitable for classic home decoration.

You may prefer the other concept which has four blades. This ceiling fan has the same material as the previous sample which is made of stainless steel. This is the perfect second choice for living room decoration. Perhaps, you prefer the unique ceiling fan. You can see in the picture there is a nice ceiling fan which has four blades with butter fly wings design. The color used is brown color and the blades seem like leaves shape in brown accent. Or you can choose the other design which has three blades concept. This ceiling fan is mostly used in many houses because this is cheaper than the others. The material is not too heavy. Thus, this is perfect for your simple living room decoration.


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