Simple Routines to Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floors

Aside of their gorgeous virtual look and versatility, ceramic tile floors offer number of benefits, one of which is in terms of cleaning and maintenance. The making process of ceramic tiles which are fired at very high temperatures results in their durability and resistance to dirt, stains, water and chemicals. Although they require low maintenance, here is simple daily care you should do in terms of cleaning ceramic tile floors.

When it is impossible to prohibit everyone from walking in the floor, you have to make sure to clean any drips or tracks as soon as possible. Use mop, cloth, hot water and soft detergent if necessary. Furthermore regular maintenance is also crucial in cleaning ceramic tile floors by sweeping, vacuuming and wet mopping. Dirt and rubble can be removed before implanting in the tile or grout by quickly sweeping or vacuuming meanwhile to improve the ceramic tile floors to be shiny and beautiful in color, you can mop them with warm water and cleaning products.

Water is claimed to be effective in making your ceramic tile floor beautiful and glowing. You can also use simple and cheap homemade cleaning recipe by mixing white vinegar and water which are very useful in cleaning ceramic tile floors as well as eliminating uncomfortable odor at the same time. Make sure to also pay attention to the grout which can turn discolored and stained and decreasing the attractiveness of your ceramic tile floors. Grout sealing after tile installation is the way of protecting the grout which is recommended to be done around twice annually. For easy grout cleaning you can apply a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide with a toothbrush or small brush.


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