Decorative Garden Hose Holders

Certainly, no one will feel comfortable when she or he lets the hose to lie randomly in her or his garden. Besides, it may be tripped any one when they walk in the garden. Therefore, the garden hose holder is necessary to keep your garden organized well. With decorative hose holders, you can use it for both holding your hose and for decorating your garden.

The first is Fairy Garden Hose Holder. The fairy spreads the wide wings and makes a peaceful face while sitting atop of a stone on a scrolled base. It is made of aluminum and iron with dark bronze finish. This hose holder will keep your hose in a tidy loop and make your garden attractive with its decorative style.

The next is the SPI Bird and Branch Hose Holder from San Pacific International. This decorative hose holder with its cute birds and its branch hose reel is easy to mount. It is also weathered copper and verdigris finish with high quality materials.

Ride ‘em Cowboy Garden Hose Holder Western Décor and Filigree Garden Hose Holder are other decorative hose holders. The design of Cowboy hose holder is like a cowboy and horse details on the top of saddle. While the Filigree has a stylish design with its capability to hold up to 100 feet of garden hose. It made of durable lightweight and rust-free aluminum, so it will not damage your house with its weight. You can mount both of them in your garden or on the side of your garage.

Another option of decorative hose holders that you may like are in these pictures.


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