Concrete Planter Box Designs

Concrete planter box is a special box as media to grow up the decorative plants. A concrete box can be permanent, semi-permanent, and movable one, depending on your need. Most people call such kind of box as a planter. This planter can also be used as plant storage. Compared to buy a concrete planter box, it would be better if you build your own concrete planter box because it is much cheaper and easy.

You don’t need use expensive materials and supplies to build a concrete planter box. Just use second-hand materials or cheap material like cardboard box as the main material. To prevent the water burst out and being absorbed by the cardboard, you can use cast concrete as the base of your cardboard-planter box. The cardboard will suck the moisture perfectly. Yet, at worst the cardboard box will part apart.

The best solution of this problem is by taping the inside area of box. Taping will make the concrete has texture. Taping also makes each cardboard edge stronger. Another benefit of taping the inside of cardboard is to minimize the bowing gets under pressure that usually happens when casting.

Different to cardboard-concrete planter box, permanent concrete planter box is much more durable, stronger, and longer last for years. These planter boxes are available in markets and you can select one based on the size, style, and material you want. The size varies starting from the small to large one. To see more concrete planter box designs, here are some ideas of concrete planter box you may view and choose.


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