How to Keep Birds Away?

Although the birds can be the gorgeous creatures, their existence in our garden sometimes is annoying. Moreover, they have the potency of diseases causes through their droppings. It’s so scary if the droppings are everywhere in the garden or other spots of our outdoor space. Only few people know that more than 60 diseases human can be infected are connected to the birds and their droppings. Not only that, too many birds around the house can make us spend much money to buy their foods and caring cost. If you are looking for the best natural way of letting the birds leave the house, here we give you answer.

Annoying them with particular sound is the first answer of how to keep birds away. Birds are too sensitive to the sounds. And they are afraid of the predator’s sounds. You can use the sounds that are similar to their predators. You can record the sound of birds’ predators first then put the recorded sound into a particular device and play it.

Second way of how to keep birds away is by messing their vision up. Perhaps only a few people know that the birds dislike something moves in their lovely garden. The more the thing moves, the more annoyed they feel, and they usually fly away to other gardens. You can use this idea to make the birds dislike your garden. Use the things that can move around to make the birds fly off to other places.

Third way of keeping the birds away from your garden is by making them upset when they taste the buds. It is so simple to do this. Just spray the garden plants with a methyl anthranilate entirely. It will make the plants have flavor in some decades. Is it safe for humans? Of course yes, it is so safe for us, humans. It will hurt any humans and environment, but it will change the plants’ taste for birds. Actually there are still other ways of how to keep birds away, such as making the barriers.


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