Spoil Your Lovely Cats with Contemporary Cat Furniture

modern cat tree or contemporary cat furniture made of wood with stairs

A cat is a funny and tame animal, indeed. That’s why many people are attracted to have it as a pet. If you have cats and you want to treat it nicely, you can think about providing contemporary cat furniture. Hence, your cat feels excited to play on it.

In this sense, you can purchase a new condo or exercise tree. You can easily find it in many pet stores around your city. Yet, if you want to save your money, you can think about creating it by yourself. For your inspirations, we will provide you several designs of this furniture.

Let’s begin from Catissa white cat tree which is available in a white scheme. Mounted on the wall, this furniture is space saving. It has four shelves which are equipped with wool, so that the cats feel amusing once he lay down into it. There are also stairs that ease the cat in jumping on its interesting furniture.

The next alternative is Sebastian cat tree which can be decorated next to the sofa. Aside from functioning as an exciting spot for your cat, it can be also used as bookshelves and storage. Then, the bottom shelf is the ideal sleeping place for your cat. This cat tree is sold in two different colors, those are white and black.

Next, Hagen Vesver V tower is also much recommended. Its appearance is so stylish and stunning. It has three spaces consisting of two square spaces and one circle space. Its design is exceptional and modern. So, which one of those contemporary cat furniture you like the most?

Reference: www.bupa.com.au

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