Preferable Kitchen Island with Storage and Seating

How do you choose your kitchen furniture anyway? As a good wife you must have such a good sense for selecting the best kitchen furniture. As we know that the best kitchen island must have storage and seating. Therefore, in this case, the writer would like to discuss about some preferable kitchen island design with storage and seating concept.

Let us see the first sample in the picture, there is nice kitchen island decoration with some wonderful furniture such as white table with chairs, and the other it has nice marble look counter top with wooden body. The cabinet is made of wood as well with white coloring design. The other nice kitchen design has large counter top with white marble look design and has four brown wooden chairs with nice large cabinet. This kitchen design is perfect for such a modern home.

You may like to see the other concept which has nice small black table and chair. It also has long table with wonderful modern white countertop. It is also completed with such a large cabinet neat window, and this kitchen island also has nice wooden flooring design choice. Let us compare with the kitchen which has all wooden design in each corner. This kitchen has large table with nice dark countertop and has abstract decoration. The flooring concept is just the same as it is applied on the chairs design which are wooden brown concept. The same concept is applied as well on the cabinet design which is made of wood.

Those are kind of classic design of Kitchen Island, you would be better to see other design which is more modern. This kitchen design has nice large black countertop with modern small backless bar stools. The concept of the wall is painted in white color with nice wooden flooring design. The cabinet seems very pure in white coloring.


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