Creative Christmas Light Ornaments for Twinkle Interiors

twinkle string light curtain leather couch in earthy brown Urban Outfitters

Every year, we shopped the thousands of twinkly Christmas lights to cheer up our Christmas holidays, and many people now are figuring out how to make these beautiful strings of Christmas lights aren’t wasteful. Don’t worry, we have a brilliant idea how to keep enjoying the Christmas light charms wisely even though the holidays were over. Just scroll down this page to seek the best alternatives of Christmas light re-use.

Outdoor Dining Lights

If you have a plan of romantic dining party for this Summer, it’s the perfect time to re-use your Christmas lights. Unbox those lights and make them warm and charming lights on leaves around your dining spot. The glows surely would be a perfect accent as well as create a cozy and intimate vibe.

Plants’ Sparkling ‘Dress’

Make your plants sparkling (literary sparkling) just by dressing them some Christmas lights. It’s better to use green wires for a subtle wire-look.

Shining Photo Display

Keep your good memories through photography and make it unforgettable by displaying it in unique way. One of most creative ways is by clipping every piece of photo onto string Christmas lights. Use the bare wall as the background and use that string light as cute bedroom lighting as well.

Creative Room Divider

Feel bored with ordinary room divider? Optimize your Christmas lights for curtains of light. The idea of course would be the great one as it can make the space brighter and more artistic. Just let the curtain’s base flows for more dramatic effect.

Twinkle Bedroom Canopy

Create a dreamy bedroom space with such a beautiful bedroom canopy. Put the string light behind the bed’s draperies for a Bohemian touch. Make sure you have set the light dimmer for cozier atmosphere so you can take a nap deeply.

Fireflies Terrarium

What a wonderful ornament! These terrarium lightings are powered by battery and there are ‘fireflies’ inside. You can use these as the centerpiece on the coffee table, or just put them on your bedside table for fancy bedroom accents.

Christmas Light for Lanterns

The lantern is flame-free and can illuminate the space all over years. The clear glass lampshade makes the sparkling lights exposed beautifully – giving the space around feels warm and romantic.

Center Chandeliers

Need extra lighting for dining space? Want the most unique and creative ones? These strings of Christmas lights can be best solution. Make them as the center by placing them above the dining table. Of course this creative chandelier won’t be expensive yet chic.

Glams of Winter Décor

Still figuring out what kind of surprising décor for next winter? Create this winter-theme décor with some strings of Christmas light plus dried branch touch. Just let the décor simple yet full of glams.

Stylish Centerpiece

Make another centerpiece for your coffee table. Fill the bottle wine with some twinkly Christmas lights and let you adore it. When the dawn comes, this centerpiece definitely will be a fancy direct focal point of room.

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