How to Make Creative Lighting with Diy Pendant Kit

Undeniable, that today’s lifestyle leads you to dig more creativity as the bohemian chic comes back dominating this 2015 trend. Finally, DIY furniture floods the daily life continually. In this case, there is nothing to do but following the trend and have creative fixture. Shine your every moment with colorful lighting using DIY pendant kit!

The first thing you have to plan in designing a diy pendant lamp is the model. There are various unique and creative models, but you can choose the one meeting your taste. Colorful tube pendants with shades or brass geometric pendants is all interesting, but or course they offer different effort to make.

After deciding what kind of pendant model that you are going to make, then you should prepare the diy pendant kit. It must be the core of the process. Choosing the kit looks simple, but it spends the half of your brain to mix and match the material and the model expected.

Several pendant light holders are awaiting with various model and colors. For classic nuance, picking the one with copper holder is great to show industrial appeal. In addition, you cannot forget about the cable tone. As it lops from the height, then cable is important part seen from many angles. Black, red, or white are optional depend on your shade.

In short, once you want to make a diy pendant lamp, the material you need is suspension, brass pendant, light holder, shade and also cable. They are all basic stuff that you must have. For the rest, let’s dig our creativity!


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