Glam Up Your Favorite Nook just with These Gold Interior Accessories

golden watering can with longer fountain terracotta plant pot Anthropologie

Get real glam in your lovely home right now. When we’re talking about the gold accessories, it surely will bring us highly amount of luxury. Although it’s just a little, it’s able to make the space around shining and glorious. This means we can easily pursue a max glam for a minim decor just with such gold accessories. Well, here I want to share ten brilliant ideas of gold accessories which are able to make your interior much more sparkling as you wish. Let’s check them out.

eclectic dining room vintage wall mirror with gold handcrafted frame pop of yellow dining chairs black painted dining table with round top light wood floors

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A vintage wall ‘mirror’ with gold-toned framed. The frame here is manually made by professional and it exposes all details of handcrafted artwork. With white wall background, the wall mirror looks really stunning and be a eye-catching centerpiece of wall. The pop of yellow chairs here are also striking, but nothing’s more glamorous than this vintage mirror.

Feeling bored with terracotta pots? Update your old terracotta pots with the glamorous ones like these gold pots. It’s free to select the plant kinds; whether the succulents or non-succulents, the pots will work perfectly. It’s full of beauty with the gold, houseplant, and green.

This is another variant of metallic pot I ever find in one of most popular online shops. The pot is accented with artistic handmade floral motifs and these motifs are beautifully stained in gold. What a luxurious pot!

Mild steel plant hangers are unique and effectively save the space. The surface of hangers is smoothly textural, giving detailed beauty and look. The hangers are also supported with sturdy iron chain which is coated in gold. Perfect!

Next item simply related to gold finish is the lighting or lamp. With gold finishing, the lamp is not only energizing, but it’s also attracting within the dark corner.

Gold finishing also gives this bar cart some ‘credit’. It can be an instant way to welcome and to serve your cocktail party guests properly.

A gold pineapple book holder – small but so precious to show off. It’s interesting to add something special to small thing but can bring huge effect of aesthetic.

Still about the pineapple and gold-toned finishing. This gold pineapple pencil holder is actually made of ceramic but perfectly shaped as real as a fresh pineapple with gold surface. The texture truly gives much glows when the light touches it softly.

Add much lux and glamour to your lovely home office with these tray set. Each piece is designed in geometric and purposely used for a catchall where you put the pens, rings, or even your hairpins. The designer chooses aluminum as the material and finishes it in glowing gold. Beautiful!

It’s so beautiful – a watering can with gold finish. I really love the design; it’s elegant and a little bit vintage. With a longer fountain, the user will be easier to use it. And about the material, the designer prefers galvanized steel to other materials. Why? Most experts say this material is much more durable than others.

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