Find the Most Popular Exterior House Color for Exciting Look

Sometimes, coming to the time of revampation makes you confused of what kind of color that you will apply to your house exterior. It looks simple, but since it is in the outside part of the house, it becomes important. Actually, there are so many popular color that most people like to install on their house. here, I bring you some the most popular exterior house color. Enjoy!

The first awesome and elegant exterior house color is cream. I don’t know why, but cream is always a favorite color both for exterior and also interior. Cream painted wall on your exterior will mirror which taste that you like!

Another the most popular exterior house color is gray. Again, gray is a attention robber. It suits many fixtures including furniture and also exterior color. Gray is classy, and this color is also a bit neutral that you can combine with any other tone. Isn’t it adorable!

Dull white paint is another color that most people deserve to have the most. It is as elegant as white or gray. It is also suitable to meet any other colors. Dull white is not old, but it is all about taste!

Purple. Even though you rarely find this color in some of your neighborhood, but purple is a nice wall painting idea. It is as luxurious ass grape. Do you want to give it a try?

Navy blue is a gorgeous color that you have to try for the next transformation. It is stylish and far from oldfashion. I like to apply this color to my minimalist house design!


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