Fancy Small Space Transformations Offering You A New Cozy & Entertaining Spot to Relax

small minimalist home office with light wood working desk tiny white working chair with hairpin legs upper wood shelving unit gray floors Pinterest

Would you not imagine owning small but fancy outdoor areas like balcony, porch, veranda, or other outdoor spot? Sometimes, outdoor areas are the good options to choose when you want to feel more relaxed and enjoyable morning instead of just taking a seat and watching TV before going to work. Here, we’ll give more options of small but cool outdoor areas probably you want to adopt and make it as your favorite spot in home. Check these ideas out and enjoy.

small balcony transformation with small bench with gray cushion back rest and under storage


If you need an inspiration of how to optimize a small balcony, this idea looks perfect for you. The idea optimizes the space. A small bench with cushion and under storage fills the space, providing a comfy seat to relax while enjoying the sunset or sunrise. It would be joyful to get this experience everyday.

What a cozy terrace!  I imagine myself sitting on this chair and drink my favorite morning coffee; it would be nicest day ever. The space is full of color, especially the area rug with its colorful stripes. The vintage furniture pieces also give new feature to this outdoor space, and the greenery is really refreshing.

White is standard shade for any small rooms as it can create a larger visual effect, but in this bathroom the vintage tile installation has been set for more textural yet airy look.

apartment style bedroom idea with small bed frame white bedding set with multicolored pillows small round top side table white wool bed mat ultra light wood floors


Small yet comfy – this bedroom idea matches for apartment. A small glass window here is designed to let the natural light in; the window also acts like an air ventilator that’s essentially needed by any rooms. White still dominates the space and it’s helpful for this small bedroom.

Fancy your small home office simply with this parrot tropical wallpaper. The wallpaper is colorful and this is expected to elevate your mood when getting bored on work.

A private workspace is substantial for a workaholic and this is a great workspace design that can raise your mood. Designed in Scandinavian style, this private workspace offers the coziest place to finish your work. The space is supported with a small floating working desk plus under storage, a Scandiv-chair, and a single book shelf.

So inspiring, a small mud room supported with Kamal folding hook on the wall. This hook is a good option for daily bags, sling bags, and even the ornate things. A wood bench completely furnishes the space to provide a comfy seat when getting the shoes.

small modern kitchen plus eat in kitchen light wood kitchen cabinets modern black bar stools


This is a cool eat-in kitchen ever! Simply built from wooden table that’s directly integrates with the kitchen’s countertop, the eat-in kitchen seems to be more practical and save space. A couple of modern bar stools complete this spot.

Awesome living room. The layout creates intimacy and warmth, matching for a little family. Everything is in the right place. It’s perfectly ideal to accomplish a simple and minimalist setting. A medium-size houseplants also offer something different and vividly fresh.

Simple and functional – this is what I wanna say about this small living room. A heavy-look sofa with squish cushion has set for big comfort and yes everyone deserves it when sitting on this sofa. The sofa’s frame looks firm and strong because it’s built from the hardwood. As the perfect complements, these throw pillows have been arranged for a perfect look and function.

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