Favorite Table Bases for Glass Top

With various available selections, finding the right table bases for glass top can be somehow confusing. The ability to properly support and greatly balance the glass top is the most important thought prior to purchase or making. Another crucial consideration may be related to the table base style you expect so it can be easily integrated with other furniture in your house. Searching for the detail features and the benefits you may get from each table base materials is then a must. The following are several popular table bases for glass top.

Wood base can be said as one of the most favorite table bases for glass top. The combination of wood and glass themselves offers chic and modern taste of your interior appearance. Having wood base for glass top may not only cover functional aspect but also meet decorative requirement. On the other hands, when glass top meets metal base you can have very stylish and light contrast visual look for your house. Metal base, which can be easily matches with entire home design due to its neutral color, can be a good option for those looking for a piece of furniture that is capable to mix elegant and dignity values.

If you are looking for glass top table base for outdoor placement, stainless steel is a better material as it will not rust and gives strong support to the glass top. Combination of glass and stainless steel creates sleek and contemporary furniture taste although it needs occasional maintenance and cleaning. Another popular material for table base is cast iron. It features with corrosion resistant finish which can protect the base from bruising and rusting if regularly maintained. Cast iron base can be a more economical selection among other table bases for glass top which offer enough supportive strength to its top.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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