Get Coziest Seating Nook Ideas with These Apartment-Size Balcony Decor Retreats

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Small balcony will be more special when we transform it into a cozier and more functional spot like a sitting nook. With enclosure addition, this spot of course will provide us a well-protected space from unpredictable weather and even an enjoyable space during the years. In such spot, we could have good time for doing things we love most such as reading favorite novels, enjoying every cup of morning coffee, or just sharing & gathering with the loved ones. Just decorate it with a set of comfy furniture, favorite colors, and right layout to make this space pleasing to settle in.

Here I have collected ten best ideas of small balcony that has been turned into small enclosed sitting nooks. These spaces have been furnished with comfy and trendy furnishing pieces that practically fits the small space. Let’s check these out and start to get inspired.

I feel so blessed if I were in such place. The space offers highly comfort. There are two seat options in which both provide premium coziness with trendy colors & stylish design. Textured wood slats add unique as well as sophisticated surface in this room.

Optimize your narrow balcony space as a functional & trendy mini home bar. Furnish this space with simply modern bar stools and table and make the outside view as the main angle when sitting in this private bar. To get warm and romantic atmosphere, complete the space with such industrial light fixtures with dimmer light effect.

A home office at balcony? Why not. Get fresh idea in such good place. Add the ornate greenery to some spot where you could pleasingly enjoy it.

Make a statement with a floor-seat with some throw pillows. You can use this spot as your favorite reading nook where you can spend hours just with your books. Complete the space with such simple floating book rack installed above the seat.

I love the book rack providing a lot of sections of storage space. With the top reaching out the ceilings, the book rack assists in high visual effect creation. A brilliant idea for such a narrow place.

Enjoy your sunny mornings while enjoying your breakfast & coffee in such a lovely spot. The chairs are as sunny as your day, and the potted plants freshen up the space by their greeny beauty.

screened balcony in small size L shaped seat bold colored throw pillows green carpeting roll up window screens

Who Living

Get your small balcony in tip-top mode for your next summers. Select L-shape seat for a maximum use and complement this screened balcony with roll-up screens for filtering the sunlight.

Sleek and clean, a small yet cozy seating area in screened balcony. This brings fun atmosphere as the space has been furnished with a practical and pop of pink color. Under drawer units offer storage space for small things like books, magazine, and others probably needed in such place. Take a look at the floating pots. They’re flowery as bunches of red flowers grow well in these custom pots.

scandinavian style balcony with glass screen custom line of potted plants a pair of scandinavian style chairs

Quit Decor

Scandinavian chairs look so great for such small nook. They’re space-efficient and make amount space left. A special line of greenery is beautifully built in modern look, supporting what the owner desires about this space.

Soft-lighted bulb laying down on floors – add such light fixture to give an anti-mainstream accent of room, and make it the one and only lighting object among these dark-toned interior pieces. It must be so remarkable!

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