Best Look of Wooden House – Contemporary Style

The feeling that wooden house only suits countrysideis not a brand new thing. I personally think the same way, but now I thing the style has changed what is old. Several wonderful wooden house designs give their best look with plenty of adorned style. both architectural or the ordinary one, contemporary wooden house will always be breathtaking design!

It is a large wooden house idea, an architectural building with semi open plan applied. Sitting on mountain valley, it shares great view as well as fresh air. Nothing that you can enjoy in the retreat but natural appeal. Thanks to the front pond designed!

Another one is the next unique and architectural design with its sloping facade. Half building planted beneath the ground emphasizes how the architect really want to make a unique different retreat, and or course should be comfortable!

Then, a wooden house with open concept brings the nuance of tropical sense with all glass front siding. The contrast look of the natural wooden tone and the black paint outside gives perfect combination for a house nest in the middle of lush vegetation.

Starring at a house with unique spiral stairs applied on the front design is quite heartbreaking. It leads to the top balcony with vertical straight no slope. The garden must be a cool spot to reach the upper footage through the stairs.

Choosing the one with all wooden material would be awesome too. It looks great and modern with the pool added within the spacious wooden deck around. The wooden cut applied on the upper siding shows how a contemporary wooden house works with privacy!


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