Hardwood Floor VS Laminate

There are much reasons why people use wood for their home flooring. First, wood floor will make your home keep warm in winter. Next reason is because wooden floor is beautiful and awesome with its natural wood design. There are two types of wooden floor that you can choose, first is hardwood floor and second is laminate wood flooring. Let’s compare those wooden flooring types to choose the suitable one for your room.

Hardwood floor vs laminate, we need to know each characteristic of them. Hardwood floor is natural wood with strong quality of wood, it is designed without any continued process. Laminate wooden floor is designing wooden floor with laminating process. If you look closer to both of those wood flooring type, laminate wooden floor looks brighter and softer than hardwood floor, it is because of its laminated process.

Both of hardwood floor and laminate flooring are good, the use of one of them is based on your wish to create interior room style on its floor. Rustic or natural room will be awesome with hardwood floor, while modern and simple room interior design will be great with laminated wooden flooring. Both are wooden floor and both are incredible.

Wooden floor is one of best way to make perfect floor architecture. Wooden floor can be applied on all room floor in your home, but you need to pay more attention if you want to install it on your bathroom floor because bathroom is the most room that get wet.

Reference: freshome.com

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