The NEW Hotel in Greece, Athens Presents Artistic and Eclectic Design

The NEW hotel in Athens, Greece has drawn a lot of attention with its artistic and unique hotel design. Designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana, this hotel has turned to mini display of perfect installation of various materials, textures, as well as colors. Rested in 200 m away from Syntagma Square, the NEW hotel welcomes the guests with eccentric design setting displacing its previous hotel, Olympic Palace Hotel. Now, the current hotel building brings breath back to life with artistic design.

In designing the hotel, the designers broke all the limits, incorporating ancient Athens patterns with tedious recent day pieces that exudes an artistic ambiance. The NEW hotel is able to accommodate 79 rooms, and the unique feature of this hotel interior is that each room showcases distinct and eclectic design and decorations, allowing the guests to delight in exclusive situation. Further, the bathroom also exhibits distinctive designs for the guests to enjoy bathing moment. The restaurant has become the visual interest as well with its huge wooden installations with tree-like shape. This artistic installation is a genius idea of interior decor that can be enjoyed while having meal.

With its uniquely artistic hotel design, the NEW hotel in Greece indicates the progress of modern hotel design. The owners stated that the hotel interior is simply excellent where the combination of irregular custom-made furnishings with the handmade fixtures creates the feeling of being in an art installation.

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