This Cozy Holiday House Encircled with Scenic View

Surrounded by the green and scenic natural view, this holiday house offers more than just the sight. Rustic component yet still flooded with modernity radiates vivid personality throughout. The reminiscence of rural areas is exuded through the roof as well as the rustic outside wall. Inside, luminous space creates outdoor feeling with glassed doors, the lighting system, together with the bright shade, making the space a suitable stop-off for holiday.

Despite its not too spacious extent, this building is astonishing, particularly its direction and its surroundings that captivates beauty. This holiday house that locates in rural area of Villers-en-Fagne honors the genuine and local aspect. The holiday house remodelling becomes excellent exemplifications of adorning rural houses. The stone and the wood that aesthetically balance the texture create peaceful and natural vibe also brings local character to the community.

Inside the house, couple of animal’s heads are mounted to the wall that are able to bring traditional charm throughout. Delicate stone wall is also visible for the interior that correspondingly with the wooden floor. Even though the residence lies in the rural district, the accentuation of modernity remains there. Particularly with the expansive open terrace allowing more access to indulge in the beautiful scenery. No more hesitation that this holiday house is delightful getaway.


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