Various Shades of Blue for Tranquil Bathroom

For bathroom, I think blue is very suitable as the theme color because blue is often correlated with water and sea. Various shades of blue bathroom can make your mind relax and calm. You can choose soft blue, aqua, or even turquoise to create heeling feel inside your bathroom.

Some pictures below show you how blue color can cause your bathroom into a tranquil sensation in various ways. Having an infinity tub in your bathroom makes you feel like in a five star hotel. To make it more wonderful, put blue tile as the bottom part of the tub. The combination between the glass tub wall and the bottom blue tiles creates a sea scene inside your bathroom. The blue tiles can also be used for the wall cover.

Cover all the bathroom wall with glass green and blue mosaic tiles produces an underwater effect. You can also use other colors, including dark blue and turquoise for different sense. Dark blue wall considers more elegant and represent deep dark blue sea. It fits with you who like dim light or dark room. In contrast, turquoise brings more cheerful ambience.

By choosing turquoise wall in different hues, you will feel like swimming in a clear sea in summer once you enter your bathroom. If you do not want to install tiles for the wall, you can pick ceramic or just paint the wall with blue. The advantage of using paint is you can draw some decorations in the wall with any objects, such as fish and shells. Moreover, if you do not have enough budgets to apply all-blue wall, you can just install the blue tiles in the shower wall or in one wall only.


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