Ideal Walk-In Shower Dimensions

Walk-in shower dimension is very useful for you are going to plan bathroom remodel. Just few people are aware the ideal standard of walk-in shower dimension. In case, the dimension of walk-in shower is an important thing that must be your intention before you begin your bathroom remodel project. Here are the things you need to know related to walk-in shower dimension.

Basically, there are two standard walk-in shower dimensions. First is rectangular walk-in shower dimension and square walk-in shower dimension. A rectangular walk-in shower ideally is constructed in 32 inches for width, 48 inches for length, and 72 or 84 inches for height. Different to a rectangular walk-in shower’s size, a square walk-in shower’s size consists of 32 inches for width, 32 inches for length, and 72/84 inches for height.

According to each standard walk-in shower dimension (rectangular and square walk-in shower), it seems that each dimension is pretty small. For the dimensions are pretty small, be sure that the shower’s door opens in outward, not inward, in order to you can use your shower comfortably. You can enter and shut the door conveniently.

Today, most people love larger walk-in showers. To meet their demands, bathroom remodel companies offers wide options of walk-in shower sizes. The showers also vary in styles (they can be minimalist or luxurious one depending on the customers’ desire). In some cases, people want to wider walk-in shower for two person (a couple, for instance). For this shower, a standard size of wider walk-in shower is at least 72 inches for width. To add your references of walk-in shower dimension, here we preview some walk-in shower designs in various sizes.


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