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Creative Small Adorable Fantastic Cool Minimalist Floating And Sliding Desk By Ikea Argentinahome With Small Wooden Concept Design
Adorable Nice Classic Fantastic Cool Most Wanted Ikea Floating Desk With Mash Studios Wall Mounted Desk Made Of Wood With Classic Chair 728x484
Adorable Nice Small Classic Wonderful Ikea Floating Desk With Diy Wall Mount Desk Of Two Countertops Design Concept With Small Storages 728x546
Wonderful Cool Adorable Fantastic Marvelous Small Floating Desk Ikea Designs Office Furniture With Simple Wooden Concept With Small LCD 728x546
Wonderful Ncie Simple Logn Wooden Concept With Foldable Chair And White Floating Desk Ikea With Shelf And Modern Design With Long Storage
Wonderful Simple Nice Cool Long Ikea Floating Desk With Tough Long Wooden Concept In Black Coloring With Small Black Chair Design
Creative Coolest Adorable Nice Unusual Ottoman And Ikea Floating Desk With Drawers With Classic Unique Design With Nice Modern Desktop 728x728
Adorable Nice Dark Black Large Conceptive Ikea Floating Desk With Prepac Designer Folding Floating Desk Design Made Of Wood With Small Bookcase 728x546
Adorable Nice Creative Modern Cool Chic Foldable Chair And White Floating Desk Ikea With Shelf And Has Nice Wooden Floor Design
Adorable Nice Cool Great Furniture Elegant White Finished Teak Wood Floating Computer Desk With Black Leather Chair And Maple Wood Tile Floor Cool Floating Computer Desk For Office 728x546

How is actually the concept of floating desk? Many people ask how to build such a floating desk. A floating desk as we know is a desk which is placed over the wall, or we can say it is nailed on the wall. This floating desk exactly has not legs at all.

Let us see the first sample of floating desk by IKEA. This floating desk has nice white wooden concept with compact design. The shape is quite adorable and futuristic with small bookshelf design. It is more adorable when you add a nice green chair in front of it. Well, let us compare it with the other kind which has very simple design. This IKEA floating desk is made of wood with long design. The color used is also very original which is brown. Under the surface desk it has such a long storage, perhaps it is for saving your stuffs like books or many more.

In fact, a floating desk by IKEA is not only just for a writing desk. It also can be a computer desk anyway. This adorable floating desk as it is showed with the post, an elegant design with three storage with one trundle keyboard storage. This does not have any legs at all, it seems that this desk is nailed toughly on the wall. Other idea of floating desk uses small compact tiny board with long design. This desk is painted in black color with nice small chairs. This is not for computer place, this is actually for writing activity, or you can make it as home decoration place.


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