IKEA Tulip Table to Present Hassle-free and Minimalist Details

Do you want to present hassle-free and minimalist details of your room through furniture? Then, let’s think about decorating an IKEA tulip table in your room and see how it works-well.

Tulip table is a round table which is suitable to be decorated in any room in your house as this table is multifunctional. If you still have not had any idea yet what is the tulip table and how to decorate it, don’t worry! Here are the wonderful IKEA tulip table decoration ideas that may inspire you!

First of all, you can decorate IKEA tulip table in your family room with some comfortable chairs surrounding. There, you can get some fun time and warm conversation with your family or friends pleasantly. After that, don’t forget to install a pendant lamp to enlighten the room at night.

You can also decorate the tulip table in your small dining room so that you will get space-saving and stylish dining room ideas. In this case, you can choose stylish chairs such as iron or wooden chairs which are compact enough to be decorated under the table.

For dining room, decorate 4 seats around the table and add attractive centerpiece in the table such as a bucket of flower or fruits. A pendant light is also need to be installed on the ceiling, right on the top of table, to brighten the decoration.

Alternatively, you can decorate the tulip table for your home office to create a simple outlook of home office yet multifunctional. Well, you just need to locate a single office chair inside of the table. In this case, choose a chair which its height enables you to work comfortably with that table. You can also place a wooden book shelf in that home office and decorate it with some beautiful pictures as wall decorations.

Reference: www.apartmenttherapy.com

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