Inspiring Outdoor Area Designs to Feel Summer Breeze & Warmth

ultra modern terrace with fabulous chair and frameless glass roof Pinterest

It must be fun to feel the fresh air, warm sunlight, and the summer breeze simply just in the front porch, terrace, patio, veranda, or other outdoor areas of home. This is the main reason why we need to consider renovating or remodeling the old outdoor area into the coziest and stylist one. Sometimes, people see the value of home simply through the front areas of home, including the porch or patio. Fortunately, I just collected the coolest outdoor areas for you; maybe these ideas can be new references or inspiration you can adopt for your home.

This terrace is designed for big party, so you can use it for your favorite cocktail party. This cool spot is furnished with modern sectional sofa and coffee table. All furniture is in dark scheme, the same color scheme with the exterior. There is a cover made of dark-finish wood railing panel for an accent as well as functional piece.

Adding such a fun hanging chair of course would be a paradise for us who really love spending summer holiday in such a fresh garden area. Just imagine that we’re enjoying the summer breeze with the book we love the most and a cool drink. What a nice day.

This wooden porch is also my favorite one. I can smell the natural wood just by sitting in this place. A hanging rattan chair can be your next option to enjoy your summer holiday. It seems offering the coziest spot to sit deeper and spend the enjoyment for hours.

Screened porch can also be a good option for enjoy the summer. With this, you don’t need to worry about the overheat attack during summer, but unfortunately you can’t feel the warm breeze.

This is amazing design; it’s exposing a half-way transparent porch supported with frameless glass exterior. This idea allows us to enjoy the view outside in wider angle.

Another screened front porch but this one is designed in rustic-industrial style. I found glass screen with black metal frames & trims that remind me a modern industrial style, but not the interior and furniture filling the space. They’re rustic feel, especially the walls that obviously show the raw texture of stones.

I see the wood use in modern style. It’s cool because it’s exposing the authentic character of natural wood, both the texture and tone. It’s also genius when the homeowner completes this outdoor area with vivid plants.

It’s unique as the screen of front porch can produce amazing visual effect when the sunlight passes through it. The visual effect here is the produced the regular shadow’s shape we can see on the chairs and all sides of space. The wood screen here also offers more privacy as well as the stated part of exterior. Look at the area rugs; they are also so stunning in black-white.

I love the brick installation on the floors; they give the character to this front porch. The bricks also add the texture to this place. The chosen lighting here really fits the existing exterior pieces; it brings the visual warmth to this outdoor space.

When seeing this outdoor area, I instantly focus on the hanging chair that, in physical design, is cool and unique. The chair seems perfect for lazy days of summer.

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