Make Your Own Fruit Flies Trap to Get Rid of the Annoying Bugs!

It must be an annoying thing to see fruit flies staying in your home, especially in your kitchen area. This bug is usually happy to fly around your sweet fruits or vegetables. So, how to deal with this thing?

Well, don’t be stress out as there is an easy way to deal with this bug matter. Yeah, you can make a fruit flies trap by yourself by using things that you can find easily in your house and of course, it is cheap. Here are several steps how to make fruit flies trap to get rid of that annoying fruit flies. Check this out!

First of all, you need to prepare a bottle or glass jar and don’t forget to clean it before you use it. Wash it and dry it with a cloth. After that, you need to put bait inside the jar that can attract the flies to come into. In this case, you can use sweet fruits or a red wine as flies love those things.

After that, you need to cover the jar with a clear plastic wrap and use a rubber or to secure it so that the flies cannot go out once it has been trapped in the jar.

Then, make tiny holes on the plastic wrap so that the flies can come inside the trap. Don’t make a too big hole as the flies can fly out from big holes.

Put the fruit flies trap in a place where the fruit flies can find it easily! After you get the flies trapped on your jar, don’t forget to clean the jar. You can put new bait and place a new plastic wrap when you want to make a new trap. Is it easy?


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