Under Bathroom Sink Organizer for Daily Use

The area underneath the sink, whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom, should be organized well. Why? Because when you are in a rush, it is almost impossible to find necessary items there if you just tossing everything inside the underneath of the sink. Thus, here are some ideas of under sink organizer, especially under bathroom sink organizer.

You can use the underneath sink for bathroom cleaning supplies. You can put the things that you use daily such as shower spray, glass cleaner and toilet papers. For more efficient, you can add a tension rod to hang shower sprays or glass cleaners. While the toilet paper or box of tissue can be placed on the basket below the cleaning supplies. You can choose and buy the basket that fits the space.

Even you can transform the underneath sink into a place where you can stash cosmetics and toiletries such as cotton swabs, extra body wash, hair ties, and nail polish collection or other family members’ items. You can use small plastic container or cardboard jewelry boxes to organize the toiletries and cosmetics. Put the over-the-door cabinet organizer to keep the hair dryer, too.

If you already organize everything well but you need a litter box for your cat, you can use the underneath sink, too. The main door of the sink will be the door for you to clean and change the litter. While for the cat, you can create a small hole in one side of the underneath sink. These pictures are another ideas of under bathroom sink organizer.

Reference: www.realsimple.com

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