Making Sectional Slipcovers

Making sectional slipcovers may not be easy like sewing project. But you need to try it if you are the big fan of removable sofa’s covers. You can imagine that you will have different slipcovers when you feel bored with the old slipcovers. Making a sectional slipcover takes much of time and patience. You have to do a lot of work. That’s why you have to start with the simple or small sectional.

First thing you must do in making sectional slipcovers is looking for the fabric to cover your sectional furniture. Second, wash the fabric by using washer machine and then dry it. Third, put a slipcover/ fabric over one of sides of your sectional. The fourth step will depend on what type of slipcover you want to apply for. Here we are going to use separate-cushions slipcover as the sample. To have this, please take the bottom and top of cushions from your sectional, and then spread the fabric over its top.

Fifth, take a dropcloth and lay it over a sectional’s side. Sixth, put the slipcover’s seam at the top seam that is in the back of sectional. Now you have just finished on seams and dropclothes. Now, do the seams on sectional’s outside edges. This part is more complicated than previous steps, but we will guide you slowly.

Here we are starting. Take the finished seam in the back of sectional and drape it over the front and seat of sectional. If you want to add extra fabric at the sectional seams, you can do tuck your fabric into the sectional seams. At this step you will see that both sides of finished dropclothes are same (except the seams at the bottom of sectional that look in right and wrong position). You can cut these seams off to fit your sectional. Don’t forget to pin each panels onto the sectional in order to make the sectional slipcover really fitted. Lay new fabric onto the sectional arms and pin it. Do the same step for the front part of the sectional arms. Your project of making sectional slipcovers has just finished. It’s tiring but so fun, right?


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