Need Stylish & Functional Fence System for Your Home? These Wooden Fences Ideas are the Best Choices

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Wooden fences are mostly decorative but they can also be protective by adding security features on them. Design also affects what actually the fences are created for. For security guard, the designer prefers higher ones; they’re also built with pointed shape on each top panel. We just need to add colors, creative shapes, and additional features if we want to make them more aesthetic. Well, here are ten ideas of wooden fences probably will inspire you.

Cool wooden fences idea with dark-finishing. The fences consist of a lot of sections in which each section is connected each other and supported by sturdy metal posts. The concrete base is needed to keep the fences standing firmly. The overall design is quite simple but modern.

This is another modern wood fences idea. You can add decorative concrete planters for your favorite plants and support them with a bench for extra seat.

Painted in white and pointed on top; these visual characters are commonly discovered on classic or traditional fences. Such kind of fences is basically lower and just designed as the decorative wall for garden.

The wooden fences have metal panel and recessed planters as the accents, and the planters are specifically designed for growing particular decorative plants like in this picture. Beautiful!

An idea of wooden fences with traditional & modern blend. This is a recommended option for home taking both modern and traditional style as the main theme.

Wooden fences with concrete post and base support sometimes become the best choice for stylish and high security.

With these decorative wood fences, it possible to expose your pretty plantation growing well in your front yard.

Yes, they’re so playful and fun. These pencil-like fences are creatively made of medium-sized logs with pointed tops. The colors here are chosen as similar as the real pencil colors.

The concrete steps, raising flower bed, and retaining wood fences – a functional and beautiful way to walk around in your backyard.

Unique! These wooden fences circle around an outdoor seating area. They become an accent wall as well as the stylish backyard for that seating area.

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