Platform Bed Ideas

Platform beds never fade away from the style. Based on decorating idea, platform beds (whether it is lower or higher design) appeal the eyes and budget as well. It can also be said that platform bed ideas are well worth, especially in money expanse. Their cheap price may let you to save your money. You don’t really require the box spring.

Another advantage is a platform bed has facilitated with built-in storage system, such as shelves, cubbies, cabinets, and drawers. These storage series are space efficiency, so they are often used for small room. If you are searching for stylish point, below are several ways to build and decorate platform bed. Pick the pallets. Garnish your bedroom with rough textured pallets. Rough textured pallets can be obtained from handmade platform bed. Make the pallets more obvious by placed them vertically against the wall. Stain or paint the bed for getting more beautiful finishing.

If you notice, most popular home furniture suppliers like IKEA and DIY design their platform bed ideas with usable shelving systems. Of course, such bed furniture becomes the most wanted one, especially for them who starved for more space. Shelving units involved in platform beds are attached into two different styles: alone and combination with the platform beds.

Sleek platform bed ideas look so matched for a modern bedroom, especially if the bed’s frame is decorated with mid-century-antique features. With metal hairpin legs and oak boards as your main investments, you can build a piece of modern platform bed by yourself. Is it so challenging, right?

Floating platform bed ideas are not bad choice when you’re eager to remodel your old bed furniture into modern bed furniture. Floating here is not fully floating, but just looks like floating bed furniture. A floating platform bed is actually the bed that is supported by a smaller board as the base. This base can be seen only if you are in peer underneath.


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