Feel a Brand New Kitchen with These Popular Paint Colors for Kitchens

Have trouble to find the best and most perfect hue for your kitchen? Want to have a brand new kitchen’s color? Or want to brighten your old kitchen? Such questions won’t spin around your mind anymore if you select these popular paint colors for kitchens. These hues offer different nuance depending on what hue you use. To know in more details about each hue and what nuance they create, let’s review the following information.

Ivory, white, blue, green, red, and grey are included as the most popular paint colors for kitchens today. They can be freely applied for both walls and kitchen’s accents. It’s very important for understanding how to use them properly. Why? Good harmony and nice look will be achieved if you apply the chosen hues correctly. Well, let’s start with ivory and white hues. Both hues are usually applied on kitchen walls as they give airy and light look. In instant, they brighten up the wall. They easily add pops of color in your kitchen.

Playful and cheerful color schemes are able to energize your kitchen. Yellow, for instance, is so eye-catching and it works perfectly for the wall, inner part of cabinets, and kitchen backsplash. Red and raspberry color becomes two other popular paint colors for kitchens you must to try. Red can stimulate appetite. That’ why most interior designers recommend this scheme for kitchen. Yet, be careful if you want to use this color. Incorrectly application can result overpower sense for the room. Too much red in a kitchen can make the room darker and monotone. Just add softer hue like pink that really works beautifully for red-colored kitchen. Raspberry color may be added to your backsplash tiles to create a striking look. Or cranberry-red hue looks so gorgeous for your kitchen cabinets. Pair it with neutral-schemed kitchen countertop.

Want to see other popular paint colors for kitchens? We have other attractive hues to choose from. We display them on our gallery. Just visit our gallery to view them. Probably few of them are listed as your favorite hues for your next kitchen remodel project.

Reference: www.housebeautiful.com

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