Round Kitchen Table Set for 4: a Complete Design for Small Family

It is kind of fortune that you live happily with your small family because everything you need is just simple. You don’t need to have large living room, even dining room. You can even limit your budget, so there is no reason to spend more money but to save it. A round kitchen table for four is a simple furniture that suits your small family and you must have it!

The first round kitchen table set that you must have is the one with tropical sense. It looks sweet in cream color both the wall and the chairs. the round table itself is made of glass the reflect the red rose decoration on it. I even like the metal storage added aside the dining set for vintage look!

The next one appears in quite luxurious style with evening hue accent. Bold black frame made of wood is chosen for the chairs, and the round table looks gorgeous with the unique bold shaped beams. The patterned area rug beneath is another appeal that you must follow!

An elegant brown set kitchen table will be the next appeal that you must know. It is soft and smooth, so you and family could sit even longer on this fashionable design. it is glass round table with artistic beam centers the attention of the room!

Another adorable design looks lovable in modern style of white. Some slim chairs are added surrounding round table made of glass. A vas of white flowers add elegant nuance that you can enjoy from the beginning till the end!


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