Rustic Mantel Décor That Will Adorn Your Bored to Death Mantel

Do you feel that your fire mantel looks run of the mill? Well, don’t be puzzled! There is a possible way for you to adorn your bored to death mantel. One of them is by putting on show nice-looking mantel décor that will add the aesthetic value of your home interior.

A fireplace mantel is commonly adorned in a particular season or occasion. Nonetheless, you can also get the enhancing and unique mantel every day by arranging a rustic mantel décor.

In arranging this theme, the first thing you need to do is that picking the suitable items and ornaments for your mantel. Choose one of the items that can be the focal point of decoration. In this case, you can display rustic accessories such as wooden sculptures, candlesticks or antique clocks.

When you have adorned your mantel and there is an empty space left on your wall, consider about displaying complementary items such as the artistic wall pictures and also wall sconces. Then, you can think about decorating a mirror on the wall to give the spacious effect to the narrow entryway.

For understandable details about the rustic mantel ideas, let’s make out the pictures and grab the idea from them. The example is the mantel located in traditional living room idea. The mantel is adorned with a wooden wall mounted shelf which is ornamented with a framed picture, flower vase and other items.

Then, let’s move to the other rustic mantel decorating ideas. In another picture, you will see the mantel with some unique and stunning stuffs. For example, the mirror and the feathers give inviting and distinctive nuance over the room.


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