The Best Quality of Shower Curtains Liner

To maintain the best quality shower curtains liner and accessories are easy. The best quality of them will also long- lasting and will provide decorative and practical utility. Some quality basics are the quality of the materials, the detail in the grommets and stitching, and the maintainability.

There are three basic materials for shower curtains, which are fabric, vinyl, and plastic, and each materials has subcategories. Because traditional vinyl or plastic liners were reported to have a toxic that cause liver and neurological damage, it is better to look for liners made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) of Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate (PEVA). These EVA and PEVA are chlorine-free, eco-friendly, and has anti-bacterial properties. Best of all, they have high water resistant to keep your floor dry. Fabric materials such as hemp, cotton, polyester, or nylon are also good option since they can be washed easily and they are mildew resistant.

Grommets and stitching are also important to be considered. With high quality of stitching, the curtains will not fray. Make sure your curtains come with grommets, too, because they provide structural integrity and they prevent your curtain from tearing. Definitely, you need liners to keep the curtains dry and deflect moisture. The best liners will have a good stitching and rust-proof grommets. It will also have magnets to help you keep the liner in its place.

After knowing the best quality of shower curtains liner, you may need to choose the right colors and style for your bathroom. Also, you should find colors that fits and support the theme of the bathroom.


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