Small Stackable Washer Dryer Combo Invades Every Laundry Room with Modern Simplicity

Large cabinet, mono design, and single function furniture are now not too popular as several multifunction one appears offering sophisticated plush. It is true that nowadays, people tend to choose a design that will not only waste the space. In short, they are prefer to usage than the design. This case encourages people to have combo design just like small stackable washer dryer combo! Take a look on following awesome post!

Again, here I take you to love a wonderful combo stackable washer and dryer. It fills a comfortable laundry room which is bathed with mediterranian style. I love the pink patterned wall design with adequate natural light coming from the glass window. Minimal cabinet and the combo laundry stuff are the plush matter of the room!

In addition, a recessed laundry closet offers you smart design to suit your small house. It fits you to save the space without wasting a room for the laundry need. The compact style forces the combo stackable washer dryer slips aside the linen storage. Awesome!

Another design is a nice spot and a bookish friendly laundry room. It appears not only with small combo stackable washer dryer, but a line of bookshelf gives you another treat! So, instead of only doing laundry in the room, you are also possible to opt your reading habbit!

The next design gives you luxurious style wrapped in wooden material. White wall with recessed storage make melting combination to match the white combo small stackable washer dryer. The zen nuance lets you to enjoy the laundry with great contemplation!


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