Best Interior Decoration with Temporary Wall Covering

If you do have a plan to renew your interior look, it is better to look for several trends that is hot for now and several months ahead. It is just not funny to always maintain an old look inside your house, but short period interior design is wasting money as well. To take a new way of decorating interior design, you can check several pictures below. There are so many design ideas that will help your remodelling the interior with tied budget and simple way of temporary wall covering!

A monochrome temporary wall covering is the best easy to apply decoration to your wall. Look at the luxurious and livable living room with green tree picture on the wall. Flanked between two black table lamps, the creamy sofa is just comfortable to hide beneath the shady tree nuance!

The next idea tries to achieve both pattern and texture, so it tends to attach a beautiful painted canvas with pink floral of cherry blossom. It stands on black wall paint, so the contrast look delivers sophisticated feeling and outlook.

If you prefer to have modern temporary wall covering idea, wallpaper could be the best design that you must have. It is simple and of course there are various designs and patterns are awaiting in the stores. In addition, a fresh green wallpaper design with vertical stripe pattern is a nice for your playful interior style.

Some metal shaped in leave style stick on the wall and shape beautiful pattern on it. It makes pattern as well as texture. So, there is no regret to apply this idea!


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