Tiered Fruit Stand – Various Types of Stands

Do you love fruit? What kind of fruit that you love the most? I love apple very much! It is fresh and watery as well, so whenever the weather is hot, I take some apples to refresh my body. In addition, I can tell you that fruit has become the home need, especially kitchen, from long time ago. It lasts till today, so it is no wonder if you need fruit stand on your dining table, don’t you? Let’s go to peek some tiered fruit stands below to enrich your models!

Nont only for your dining table centerpiece, fruit stand is also capable to stand alone on the floor. A unique design of tiered fruit stand looks surprizing with its three sections of basket with scrolled black iron as the frame. Different fruit for each section must be a good idea for tidy organization!

Then, to meet an elegant dining table centerpiece, a two storey tiered fruit stand takes the very best outlook. It is made of the same iron as the previous design, but the curving style is different and making elegant banana shape instead. It fits a simple but lovely table decoration idea!

The next one steals the scrolled iron idea with two storey at once. Two baskets are arranged vertically with different size surrounding the black firm pole in the center. With firm holder on the top, I guess it is able to be hung by rope!

Taking tiered fruit stand that imitates the shape of a boat is also great. It showcases the style of swing set that makes the total design becomes wonderful.

Reference: www.aliexpress.com

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