Inspiring Unique Design for Kids’ Room

Every child has their own style and personality, so you have to plan each room with different designs. Many parents tend to just give a neutral color and minimalist decorations to their kids’ room because they do not know exactly what they want or what their favorite is. Actually, you only need to add or change one or two things that can express your kids’ character precisely.

Starting from the wall, many of you may just paint it with white color because it is neutral and fit for both genders. White paint gives clean and roomy feel, but it will be boring if you just leave it like that. By adding colorful wall decorations, the ambience will become more cheerful. You can put unique decals, such as abstract paintings, or place your kids’ artworks on the wall. You can also draw their favorite character or animal in a big size. Another simpler option is installing colorful wallpaper with geometrical or striped patterns. Similar to the wall, the flooring also needs to be modified. Adding a bright colored rug at the center of the room can enhance the room’s appearance and it also can be functioned as a warm and safe play space.

As the finishing step, you can choose furniture with vibrant color and exceptional design. Suit the additional furniture with the theme of the room. If you choose jungle theme, you can add raw wood material for the chair and the table or add green and yellow neon office chairs for their study space. Do not be afraid of adding such bold color and unique shaped furniture as long as your kids like it.


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