Six Fascinating and Unusual Chess Sets

To decorating your library or home office, a home chess set is one of the ways to give you sophistication. Below are some fascinating and unusual chess sets with unique chessboards and pieces.

Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, and Star Trek Tri Dimensional chess sets are good option for you to decorate your library or even your bedroom. The chess set which appears in the Harry Potter movie was the Isle of Lewis chess set. Its original chess set was found in 1831 and it is known as one of the most amazing collections of ancient chess men. While the Isle of Lewis has simple design, the Lord of the Ring chess set has miniature of the characters as the pieces and castle-like chessboard. Unlike the Isle of Lewis and the Lord of the Ring chess set, the Star Trek chess set has 3D chessboard.

For a fantasy fans, you can choose the dragon chess set. This is also good option to accessorizing your home library or office. The detail curving of the pieces and the chessboard buffer makes it look fascinating.
If you are searching for wall decoration, the wall mounted and framed chess set will fit your request. This wall chess set is fascinating and unusual chess set because of its straight up model.

Another fascinating and unusual chess set is LED chess set with glowing pieces. The pieces will glow when it places upon the chessboard. This chess is the simple modern chess set that looks good in your computer game or your bedroom.


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