Vanity Tables with Hollywood Style

Vanities have been rocking to the soul of women in today’s society. It has been made by master crafts men in various styles. For example, the Victorian dressing tables elaborated with intricate details, while early American dressing tables used mahogany with curvy cabriole legs or other solid walnut. Then, the vanity became the vocal point in bedrooms during the 1920’s. Even, some vanity tables were called Hollywood vanities.

Nowadays, you can decorate your room with your own Hollywood vanity table. The important thing to make your own Hollywood style is the glamour and luxury. For example, you can put a Broadway Lighted Mirror or other lighted mirror to your dresser. Also, you should choose the color of the mirror to suit your dresser and your room.

You can also combined your Hollywood vanity table style with others. The example is a combination between Hollywood and Paris. Putting identical icon of Paris and Hollywood vanity table and mirror together in your vanity is a good option for your room. Do not forget to match the color. It will look elegant and modern if you choose soft colors like white or beige. However, it depends on what you want and what you like.

Another option is putting a luxurious Hollywood glass dresser. With its design, which is very glamorous, you are able to bring the feel of Hollywood to your room. You do not have to use lights to get the Hollywood style. Some pictures below will show you the Hollywood style of vanities that might inspire you.


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