Amazing Various Sun Porches with Furniture Decoration

Do you have porch with direct sunlight getting into it? Then, what furniture do you place there? There are so many ways to decorate your porch with some furniture anyway. In this special post, the writer would like to share about some sun porch furniture that can decorate you porch.

As we know that there are a lot of porch concept can be applied at our home. For example, you can see in the picture there is a porch concept with glassy roofing and it is transparent. This porch is touched by the sun light directly through the roof. You can see some stuffs there such as round wooden table with traditional chair. Moreover, there is a classic traditional sofa with rattan back. This porch is also decorated with some nice flowers. The other porch does not use any glass roof concept, it is just like a living room design. There is no wall at all and it is like an open room.

The furniture used is just like common living room furniture such as sofa with soft cloth material, small table, ceiling fan, table lamp and other decoration. Since, this porch is open so you can directly be hit by the wind and you can see the environment closely. In this porch concept, you might put some alive plants such a green plant anyway. This is not a problem at all because this sun porch is directly hit the the direct sun light. So, alive plants still can grow up in your home. You can treat your porch as your living room. With some nice furniture, it will be very adorable.


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