Adorable Design of Kitchen Island with Bar Seating

There are so many ways to create wonderful kitchen island. You can do is by making a nice kitchen island with bar seating. Most of people do not use stools for their kitchen island completeness. However, if you put some bar stools at the kitchen island, you will see how amazing your kitchen is.

We can take a sample from the picture. There is a nice kitchen island with big size and has three bar stools. This kitchen island in fact has wonderful flower decoration on the surface. The bar stools used are not too high and it is made of wood with brown coloring. It seems classic anyway. There is other kitchen island which has contemporary design. This kitchen is just like a bar.

It can be seen from the counter top design which has modern glass marble look design with green abstract decoration. Meanwhile, it has also some nice bar stools and they are quite high stools anyway. The bar stools are painted in white. There is another nice kitchen island with compact design. This kitchen island also has marble look countertop with black accent. The kitchen island has four classic wooden bar stools which have no back with round shape.

Instead of modern design, there is also a kitchen island with classic accent. As you can see in the picture, this kitchen island is all wood made starting from the cabinet design, wall, flooring, and chairs. The countertop is also using wooden concept with red brown coloring. The bar stool is also using the same wooden material with a little high design.


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