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Do you know what water feature for home is? Water feature is like water decoration which is built outside the house to decorate a field. This water feature has many concept with many beautiful design. In this special post, the writer would like to discuss about some adorable fresh water feature design for home. This water feature can be inspiring you because everybody must like to have this kind of decoration.

Water feature can be built with simple design. What you need to have is a medium bowl and then you put some rocks in the bowl. This bowl then is given a water course and after that it will make a small water fall. This small water fall then drops to a small pool with clear water. The other sample showed in the picture has a simple classic water feature. In this feature you just need put three pipes over the wall and some rocks for the water drop. Thus, the water fountain comes from the pipes.

The same concept can be used for modern water fountain design. This water fountain has a large concept. It has a big drop with nice blue base. So, the small water fall will drop on the pool . The design is more perfect with some plants decoration around the water feature. Unlike the other water feature which has fresh traditional cool concept. This water feature has wooden wall concept with three water fountains. Then, under the wall there is a small water drop and some beautiful flowers around it for the decoration.

The concept of water feature can also be applied for our garden design. This water feature uses big rocks concept as the wall or the water way. You just need to arrange the rocks well and then give some water course, make sure that the water you have is clean and clear.


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