What Color should I Paint My House?

Color takes an important role in architectural world. The colors’ effects are so significant and obvious either for psychological and physical. Colors mean personal expression. Whatever we respond to color, we’ll feel different if we have the favorite colors among us. Colors in our house are also crucial to determine our mood and expression while we’re at home. It sounds easy to select the colors based on our personal taste, but it’s actually not simple what you’re thinking about. Besides the personal taste, you also must fit them with the room needs and proportion. Here are some tips as the answers of question: what color should I paint my house.

What color should I paint my house? The first answer is by starting with the small one. This tips is most recommended if you are not sure where to start with the color. You can do the experiment by using the powder color for small rooms, such as bathroom, small hall, or the small area between two rooms. Create unique tone color on wall. Just do in little space of wall and you can see the result soon. If you’re happy with the result, please do the same thing in larger space areas. Begin with your favorite color to be drawn on your mini-area of wall. You can also use the rug, artwork, dish, or furniture as the pieces of canvas.

Second answer of what color should I paint my house is by connecting it with your mood. Suit your mood with the color you’ve chosen. The color for your bedroom, for instance, is recommended the peaceful and restful feeling of colors. The colors are also dramatic for your bedroom. Cool, soft, and neutral colors commonly create calmer and quieter nuance for rooms, while brighter and stronger colors are able to give dramatic atmosphere. A formal or sociable feeling for a dining room is also affected by proper and precise color selection.

Match the colors with the lighting is next secret of creating the wonderful tone colors for your house. A neutral daylight presents the truest tone color, while incandescent lighting offers warm and yellow colors. The fluorescent lighting turns sharp tone colors, especially to create sharp blue color. These brief tips give you new references of best colors for the rooms, right? Now just practice them and see the difference.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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