DIY: How to Recycle Wine Bottle into Chandelier

Yeah, 2015 is the year of creativity! So much fun appears to deal with people working on art to make awesome work of art. It is not always the one which is well crafted trough time that is valued better. Due to the current issue of global warming, recycling furniture and others is likely popular among people to heal the environment. Finally, here right in this chance, I like to show you how to refine some of your waste wine bottles into some nice chandelier ideas!

It is not that complicated work to shape a cool chandelier from wine bottles. You just need to buy some light bulbs and then insert them one by one to the bottle. Further, you just need to tie the bottle with wire suspension, and then you can install your masterpiece above you table in the studio!

The next idea requires your old wooden wine racks with several holes. Yeah, it later will be a nice chandelier track above the dining table. Of course, you have to attach some wire suspension to connect the light bulb inside the bottles! Isn’t it nice?

Another idea gives you more duty to look for tiered iron frame to make gorgeous pine tree shaped wine bottle chandelier. The outlook will be as beautiful as blossom flower as the light starts to shine from inside the obscure glass.

In addition, wine bottles are also available for kitchen bar pendants. The concept is no different, but the thing is that you don’t need to unite the combination, you have to spare them one by one instead.


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