Wrought Iron Pergola

Best thing when summer comes is about the air and clean sky. It is good time to spend your day outside your home. You have to prepare your home exterior nicely, not only about garden, but also good outdoor space to sit. Gazebo is perfect place for decorating and designing your home exterior with the garden. And for combining those things, you can try to use wrought iron pergola. If you don’t know what wrought iron pergola is, here is the explanation.

Wrought iron pergola is like a frame for your outdoor space which is made from best steel to create beautiful seating spot and also making pretty garden by placing some plants around it. Wrought iron pergola comes with simplest one until the most decorative and classic one. If you need natural look, you can choose wooden pergola instead the iron. How is the best way to design and decor your wrought iron pergola for your seating space and your fresh garden?

First of all is considering the location where you need to put wrought iron pergola. After that considering where you have to put your outdoor furniture or your seating spot. Seating spot may located in the middle or at the corner side. The last thing is about the plants. If you put your outdoor furniture in the middle of your seating space, then it will be the best if you create the sun light spot in the middle too of wrought iron pergola and fill up the side part with a lot of vines.

Pretty thing of wrought iron pergola is not only about the pattern design of it, but also how you can decor it with vines so it will look very natural to see and fresh to feel. You don’t need big wrought iron pergola, small size of it with proper decor design is awesome enough.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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