Adorable Simple Creative Key Holder Design for Wall

There are too many keys you have at home. You probably have car keys, house key, bedroom keys, kitchen door key, and you must be confused how to place them in a correct place. In order to avoid any losing, you must need a key holder at your home. This key holder can be placed hanged on wall. Thus, there are so many key holder design in this word, so the writer would like to share some of those designs to you.

In making a key holder, you do not need to build or make the big one. You can have the small one. For example, you can see in the picture there is a small key holder nailed on wall with nice design. This key holder has an ornament of bike. The black color of this key holder is matched with the white wall color. There are four hooks at this key holder. There is another small key holder with different decoration. This key holder has nice tree drawing with small concept.

You may like to see this one, it is showed in the picture, and there is a small wooden key holder with small shelf. This small shelf is a place for your home accessories like flower decoration, and etc. While under the shelf there are three hooks for key holder. This simple design is the best one and suitable for your wall decoration. The concept of classic key holder can be made of iron material. In this case, you just need to have a key holder with five hooks and it has a text KEYS on the frame. This classic design is quite nice for wall decoration anyway.


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