Inspiring Furniture Pieces Found In Queens Park & Pinterest, Each Can Be Lovely One For Your Next Re-Furnishing Project

uncommon shaped lounge chair in cream woven rug

Love browsing some inspiring furnishing pieces for eclectic-style home? You’re so lucky because here we will share ten best furniture pieces that totally will steal your heart. Some are taken from a beautiful home in Queens Park and others are browsed from my favorite site, Pinterest. Probably some will be


Recommended Lounge Furniture Pieces for Lazy & Relaxing Days At Home

midcentury modern wooden daybed with cushion addition

Sometimes we just want to lazily lay down and get to relax at home, not necessary go to bed and just need a lounge. In such a lazy day, the one we properly need is a daybed or chaise. My favorite blog and Pinterest seem to have the best chaise/


Need An Update for Your Bedroom? This Inspiring Bedroom Updates Will Inspire You

crochet throw in black white bed linen

As you see the pics in this page, I’d like to change up my bedroom into the coziest and most peaceful one. I realize that my bedroom now needs to re-decorate, starting from the furniture to bed treatment. Also, I think I need to figure out the best alternative lighting


10 Ideas To Introduce Marrs Green, The World’s Favorite Hue

hexagon Marrs Green tiles with white line accents

What’s the most favorite color in this world right now? Marrs Green is the only right answer. The name is from Annie Marrs (the creator), an art graduate from Leisure and Culture Dundee. Annie is firstly inspired from green, gray, and blue to create this kind of teal hue. Marrs


Warm Light Gray Is The New White For Scandinavian Homes?

light wood interior midcentury modern wood chair recessed space for cloth hang

Did you know what popular paint for Scandinavian walls? White and white are the answers, but actually there is another alternative you can pick to replace the white. Neutrals like warm gray and beige are gonna be more popular to provide a warmer hue in Scandinavian interiors, but remember, it’s


Color Trend 2019: Rust Will ‘Rock’ Your Interiors with Its Earthy-Bold Tone

rust blanket and shams white bed linen wicker basket

Colors can’t define particular age but they can be the hottest trend of year, and we’re talking about rust color hue as the trend of this year. Actually, this kind of color hue has been popular everywhere and it’s going to last. Rust is neutral and warm, enabling to add


Friday Finds You Won’t Miss for Next Home Remodel Project

bed frame with rattan headboard striped bed treatment shabby wood bench side table

Discussing more about the dreamy interior designs, there are so many references, but when they are related to individual’s personal taste, it would be different as each individual has different taste. But these Friday finds will change your mind; each idea is so inspiring and stylish. Even, they ‘re able


Searching For Coolest Soft-Toned & Neutral Interior Designs? Don’t Miss This List

clean look and minimalist interior light wood furniture set potted greenery

Anne Parker, the stylish I really adore, might be one of my inspirations in writing all things about the interior and exterior designs. Through her photos and home tours in several places like Mexico and Lebanon, she shared the cozy interior & exterior decor ideas she’d featured. From here, I


Best Industrial Rustic Light Fixture Designs, Hard Texture & Warm Visual Maker for Home

industrial rustic pendant light fixtures with Manila rope and unfinished factory steel

Industrial rustic is relatively connected to hard-textured and heavy material use with natural touch addition like wooden. With this in mind, industrial rustic light fixtures are also the elements designed in those values. Heavy metal and hard wood are the basic materials are commonly picked for most industrial rustic light


Ten Best Ideas of Light Fixtures with Wool-Knitted Lampshade Cover

vintage pendant by Ikea with olive green knitted lampshade

It’s always fun when we talk about all things we love. About the home design and accessories, for instance, they give us so many ideas and references of how they could significantly elevate our home to the stylish and cool one, and the light fixture choice is just one of