How to Recreate A Minimalist Interior? The Secrets Are Revealed

minimalist living room idea with neutral brown floors tan toned leather sofa wood chair light brown area rug white vase with houseplant glass top coffee table with nickel legs

Many researchers say that messy people are creative and smart but people living in cluttered space apparently have high stress. Those who are too busy and ‘crowded’ lifestyle are recommended to live in a minimalist and simple space, some experts say. At least this idea can help them to escape


An Expert Says Everything about White Bathroom’s Need

seashell shaped tile wall brass stand faucet modern white sink

All-white bathroom looks clean, airy, and stylish in simplest way. It also states classic, but you of course don’t want to make it looks too cold. To overcome it, you need to add the elements that could give warm feel. And then how to make such a colorless bathroom warmer


Select and Remove What’s Outdated and What’s Indated Decor Trend with These Ideas

textured molding pattern wall idea in matte black deep blue chair in modern style decorative vase

When we’re talking about the timeless style of home decorating idea, those with classic-style decor will be challenged to swipe out some outdated pieces or concepts to get the trendiest look. One day minimalist is the best, but the day after it sounds boring, for example. This situation then triggers


Love In-Pink Decor Idea? Try This Cake Shop Interior to Keep Your Pinky Space Stylish

soft pink interior design soft pink wall painting with light gray floral pattern soft pink sofa in midcentury modern style wood floors

It’s unbelievable when a professional photographer got fun inspiration just from stepping inside and exploring a small cake shop where she found pretty pink interior idea. Not only the facade, the designer also saw all interior pieces dominated by crisp pink. Maybe this is gonna be a new reference for


Kid-Proof & Kid-Friendly Coffee Tables Don’t Out of Date Your Style

ottoman coffee table made of woven seagrass

Parent-to-be or new parents really need to consider everything existing in home, including the furnishing pieces that should be practical, functional, and also kid-friendly. Coffee table, as one of most essential pieces in home, has to own some particular criterion supporting the kid-friendly style. Round-edge coffee table is much better


Greatest Medieval Home Decor Ideas: Classic with Powerful Tone, Texture, and Shape

copper bathtub black wrought iron chandelier artistic painting

Sometimes we get inspire about the medieval decor style from our favorite TV show like Game of Thrones and make it as the main theme of home interiors. Before we share how to apply the Medieval decor style in home, let’s get to know about this style first. Medieval decor


Get Lighter and Airier Feel with These Greatest Mute Color Palette Decor Ideas

yellowish splash of color on wall minimalist furniture set white potted houseplants

Home decorating ideas with muted color palettes mean you prefer light and neutral color palettes applied in the most interior parts including furnishing pieces, facade, and accessories. With a good balance, muted color elements – which commonly consist of pale wood colors/ timbers, pastels, and gentle textural colors – can


Home Decorating Trend 2018: Color, Furniture, Tile, and Finish You Need to Inspire

vividly yellow window shutter bright green chair with wood structure blue side table with round top

Home decorating trends – It always feel fun when talking about the home decorating trends that’s gonna be useful and easily make us inspired with especially when we’re having home re-decorating project this year. There are a lot of trends we should follow, starting from finishes, colors, tiles, color paints,


Hottest Interior Trends for Fall & Winter 2018 You Should Get Inspired

embroidery duvet cover set with textured surface light wood bed frame with headboard wood bedside table decorative woven wool wall art

When winter comes, re-decorating the home is hardly to do. After enjoying the warm days during summer and being inspired by the beauty we’ve got along the summer, now we’re finally to get ready to hibernate while the temperature drops slowly. Of course we need to prepare everything starting from


500-Square-Feet Apartment Tour: Look Inside What Inspiring Interiors Better You Don’t Miss

little greenery on white pot hairpin leg side table with round wood top wall mounted lamp black white pillowcase broken white pillowcase dominant black blanket

Yes, it must be a small space when we’re talking about a 500-square-feet apartment, but when we’re stepping inside, all interiors are amazingly large-look than what we expect. We’re glad because we had an opportunity to join a 500-square-foot apartment tour in Williamsburg, and what we’ve got that day, now