Statera Restaurant: Inspiring Modern-Style Dining Space with Chunky Concrete & Greenery Exposed

Statera restaurant exterior exposing concrete walls and floors wood exterior door dramatic tree

What do you think when you see amazing mini garden on top of the dining space? And this really happens in Statera Restaurant in Lima. It’s a fact that this restaurant is unique. Inspired by modern style, the façade is dominated by chunky concrete with greenery highlights. Rooftop gardens here


Odd but Gorgeous, These Are Recommended Staircase Designs that can Make Your Guest Impressed

simple and ultra modern staircase in yellow yellow wall accent light wood floors

Staircase is the important part of home. It’s not only the bride that connects one room to another, but also it’s the first that ‘welcome’ your guests when coming to your entryway. With this role, staircase seems to deserve well-decorated as perfect as other parts of interiors. Starting from the


Adoptable Loft Inspirations for A Practical and Bigger-Space Visual Effect

modern industrial loft workspace with industrial piping system for book shelves midcentury modern working chair area rug with geometric patterns

Loft is commonly used to refer to the part of upper attic or storey of homes, meaning that it’s the space under the roofs. Today, many people prefers this kind of living space to traditional ones as it’s more practical, adaptable open-space, and low budget. Even, most of loft apartments


What’s New on Wayfair UK?

high profile side table with round top and hairpin legs

Go online now and check what’s new on Wayfair UK. In this final week, there are some fantastic products you’ll never miss and these products of course are well-designed, stylish, and functional. Really want to know what products Wayfair have for this week? Just join us to see them in


Contemporary Boho Glams You Can’t Miss

floor bed with soft pink quilt cover dusty pink curtains with decorative pompoms

Today, I’m so excited to showcase my favorite home decor style, contemporary Boho, and I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from Brighton Homes that has shared so many inspiring ideas on Pinterest page. Maybe the contemporary Boho becomes one of most popular decor styles today and many people choose it


10 Amazing Ideas of Antique Farmhouse with Best Antique Finds for Interiors

soft flower wallpaper white bathtub white shower curtain with multi ruffle vintage mosaic tiles in white vintage stool

Maybe just few people know and even are interesting in antique farmhouse. The style offers unique concept that’s rarely used by people recently, but today I will try to share a bit of antique farmhouse decorating idea to you. Maybe the ideas will give you new inspiration then you’re gonna


Get More Inspiration of Minimalist Home Decor Idea with Details of Texture & Tone from Janniche’s Amazing Home

light pink walls single shelving unit for ornate frames and some accessories striped bed linen and pillows pink throw blanket round top bedside table light wood floors

I’m honestly easy to get inspired by many bloggers putting their concern much on their home decor and style. They aren’t pro-home designers but they’re so adorable to apply all things related to home design and decor ideas on their mind in the real setting, home. Janniche is just one


Open-Concept Home Models That Inspire You to Try Out An Open Communication Lifestyle

open concept idea inspired by traditional Japanese's home design wooden dining furniture wooden frame sofa with dark cushion flat TV wooden media console traditional window with shoji

Open-concept home sometimes becomes the best option for people who want to get more practical and flexible space of interiors. It means the concept creates informal and spacious that connect one area to another area or more. The concept has grown and been popular over the years. Obviously, many designers


Get A Simple & Decluttering Look with These Inspiring Minimalist Decor Ideas for Homes

minimalist bathroom design crisp white bathtub with clawfoot Topanga shower curtain with tassel fringes at top and bottom

Creating a simple and minimalist home actually can be done by decluttering and taking off the unused furniture and accessories in interiors of home. This is so effective to make the spaces ‘clean’, giving you an opportunity to implement your dream minimalist style quickly. Well, to make you helpful in


10 Recommended Minimalist Interior Designs for Updated, Uncluttered, and Modern Home Look

modern minimalist bedroom round shaped flat wicker rug wooden chair wooden dresser frameless glass windows modern floor lamp

Are you a minimalist home design lover? You’re so lucky because today I would like to share the most stylish minimalist home design that probably will give you an inspiration. Minimalist home design always delivers a fresh, simple, elegant, and functional as the main values of design. Even most experts