Ten Best Tablecloth Ideas for Meal Indoor & Outdoor during Summer

retro tablecloth with colorful stripes

Not only for Summer, a cute tablecloth is needed for daily use. It gives you a visual attractiveness and of course it’s functional. A tablecloth here can be a complementary element of dining table for any occasions including some big


Rustic Dining Room Ideas: Feel The Nature In Your Lovely Home

warm feel rustic breakfast nook wooden bench seat black plastic dining chairs hard wood dining table thicker woven area rug

If you like rustic and want to take it as your theme of home decor, your dining room is the most perfect place to begin. You can feature rustic elements with modern or contemporary style for a trendy & cohesive


12 Popular Dining Room Colors by The Experts

small breakfast nook baby blue dining chairs with wood angled legs small dining table with wood top multicolored tiles floors white brick like wallpaper modern pendants

I’m so glad to share about the popular dining room colors I’ve taken from some inspiring experts’ blogs. The experts have expressed their ideas through their most favorite palettes which are applied on the entertaining dining rooms. Well, just access


Inspiring Breakfast Nook Designs, Extra Dining Space with High Style & Function

beach style breakfast nook idea white round shaped dining table Scandinavian styled chairs in blue tropical houseplant decorative surfing board terracotta tiled floors modern pendants

Breakfast nook idea is a perfect way to add an extra space nearest the kitchen. The space commonly consists of a package of smaller dining furnishing pieces, including the table. It’s better to complete the furniture with the coziest and


10 Inspiring Light Fixtures Over the Dining Table for More Attractive Dining Nooks

contemporary dining space trendy & creative chandelier white marble dining room with round top wood dining chairs with black leather seats

It must be perfect to have a dining moment with well-lighted dining space. Light for dining space is definitely crucial as it provides a good lighting effect for overall space including the area over the dining table. The light fixture


Triangle Dining Table, A Set of Convenience within Unusual Design

traditional dining room wider triangle dining table with white base larger L shaped built in bench seat traditional chandelier red painted walls white tiled floors

When talking about the dining room, our mind automatically will think about the space where the family and us can sit and enjoy the dinner together. To accommodate a cozy place for this daily routine, we need a sturdy and


Ten Genius Ideas of Space-Saver Dining Set

Scandinavian dining room red velvet plastic chairs with angled legs round top wood table white & clean lines kitchen set white finish TV buffet light toned wood floors

Space-saver dining set – Small-sized rooms, including small dining rooms, are relatively hard to design. We frequently complain the space availability when we want to re-design or remodel it into a new one as what we want. We also do


Cool & Stylish Breakfast Nook Ideas for Small Kitchens

eclectic but small breakfast nook longer built in bench bamboo chairs with vintage fabric marble top dining table in oval shape vintage fabric window shutters original wood floors traditional chandeli

Either for setting the favorite toast & eggs for your family or sitting down while enjoying a cup of coffee/ tea with family, the breakfast nook has a crucial role in your home. The limited space actually isn’t a serious


Have Fun Meals with These ‘Delish’ Mid Century Modern Dining Room Ideas

mid century modern rustic dining room white molded plastic chairs with wood legs industrial style bench and dining table shabby wood wall red brick wall shabby wood board floors

Mid century modern dining room ideas are usually followed by particular recognizable characteristics like adopting the open plan concept and ample window, as if it exists the outdoor inside the house by opening up the space of interior and uses


Kitchen and Dining Room: Best Solution for Achieving Space-Efficient

solid rustic dining room and kitchen idea shaby but stylish leather dining chairs shaby but beautiful dining table dark toned wood slab walls solid black cabinets

Kitchen and dining room is commonly adapted by the home owners who love an open kitchen concept or other similar concepts. This idea obviously offers truly practical and efficient for space, so for you who matter a limited space, just